Please send your photographs. All photographs must adhere to the submission guidelines.

What kind of photos should you send?

We want you to use your creative and artistic side. If you are a pet photographer but secretly love landscapes, please send us landscapes! If you’re a food photographer that actually loves astrophotography, send us your long exposures.

If you’re a professional – focus on your hobby.

If you are an amateur, push yourself, get out there and shoot.

How to send your photo(s)

  1. Compose an email to
  2. Attach your photos (high resolution originals)
  3. Describe each photo
  4. Include your name, email address and any relevant websites such as portfolio, social media etc
  5. Click send. Wait. You will receive a confirmation email and perhaps another email in due course informing you of the publication of your work.

What’s in it for you?

At the moment, no monetary gains.

However, You Should See This may one day launch an online shop to sell your photos as prints or digital copies on your behalf – but only with your express and written permission at a later date, with or without a commission per sale. Details on this have not been finalised and will be discussed with the photographer prior to this happening.

You Should See This will credit you with your name, link to a website of your choice (such as a social media or portfolio website) and a way for interested parties to get in touch.

How does You Should See This benefit?

At the moment, no monetary gains.

However, You Should See This may decide to ask for a donation or cover fee for the physical, printed publication to cover the costs of printing from members of the public who obtain a copy.

The possibility of low-key and subtle advertising will never be ruled out, but is not currently being actively pursued.

This really is an experiment to begin with; with the hope of promoting photography and photographers as a whole. No hidden agenda.

Questions / comments

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